2018 Republican Voter Guide

Early ballots were mailed on Oct. 10. If you don’t receive your ballot by Monday, Oct. 15 please call the Maricopa County Recorders office at 602.506.1511

Please return your early ballot as soon as possible. Recommended latest date to mail is Oct. 31. MUST arrive by Nov. 6 – Postmarks DO NOT COUNT! If you haven’t mailed it prior to Oct. 31 you can drop it off at any polling location on Nov. 6.  To find your polling location, go here.  Polls are open 6:00am – 7:00pm

If you don’t know what Congressional district (CD), Legislative district (LD) or School district you live in, you can find it here.

CAP Voter Guide that will give you information on Judges
Additional information on Judges

*Below names highlighted in red notes a link to their campaign website.

Republican Candidates

U.S. Senate: Martha McSally

If you don’t know what Congressional district (CD) you live in, you can find it here.

CD-1: Wendy Rogers

CD-2: Lea Marquez Peterson
CD-3: Nicholas “Nick” Pierson
CD-4: Paul Gosar
CD-5: Andy Biggs
CD-6: David Schweikert
CD-8: Debbie Lesko
CD-9: Steve Ferrara

Governor: Doug Ducey
Secretary of State: Steve Gaynor
Attorney General: Mark Brnovich
Treasurer: Kimberly Yee
Superintendent: Frank Riggs
Mine Inspector: Joe Hart
Corporation Commission: Justin Olson and Rodney Glassman

AZ Supreme Court Judges: (Learn more here)
Vote YES  to retain Clint Bolick and John Pelander

Central Arizona Project (CAP) Board (Vote for all four):
Lisa Atkins

Kerry Giangobbe
Rory Van Poucke
April Pinger

State Senate and Representatives:
If you don’t know what Legislative district (LD) you live in, you can find it here.

Senate: Karen Fann
Representatives: Noel Campbell and David Stringer

Senate: Eddie Farnsworth
Representatives: Travis Grantham and Warren Petersen

Senate: Sine Kerr
Representatives: Tim Dunn and Joanne Osborne

Senate: Heather Carter
Representatives: Nancy Barto and John Allen

Senate: David Farnsworth
Representatives:  Kelly Townsend and John Fillmore

Senate:  J.D. Mesnard
Representatives: Nora Ellen and Jeff Weninger

Senate: Frank Schmuck
Representatives: Jill Norgaard and Greg Patterson

Senate: Paul Boyer
Representatives: Shawnna Bolick and Anthony Kern

Senate: Rick Gray
Representatives: Kevin Payne and Tony Rivero

Senate: David Livingston
Representatives: Ben Toma and Frank Carroll

Senate: Michelle Ugenti-Rita
Representatives:  John Kavanaugh and Jay Lawrence

Senate: Vicki Alger
Representative:  David Alger

Senate: Tyler Pace
Representatives: Rusty Bowers and Michelle Udall

Senate: Rebecca Speakman
Representative: Raymond Speakman

Senate: Kate Brophy-McGee
Representatives: Maria Syms and Kathy Pappas Petsas

Senate: No GOP candidate
Representative: Gary Spears

City of Phoenix:
Mayor: Moses Sanchez

Maricopa County Clerk of the Court:  Jeff Fine

Maricopa County Community College Board
At-large:  Kathleen Winn
District 3:  Debi Vandenboom
District 4:  Jean McGrath


Local School Boards
If you don’t know what school district you live in, you can find it here.

Chandler Unified: Joshua Askey and Robert Rice

Recommended by LD1 and LD22 – Vote for only two
Deer Valley Unified: Michael Deiana Jr. and Kim Fisher

Recommended by LD15 – Vote for only two
Deer Valley Unified: Ann O’BrianJulie ReadMichael Deiana Jr.Kim Fisher

Dysart Unified: WRITE IN – Dawn M. Densmore

East Valley Institute of Technology 
District 1: Jimmy Wojcik
District 5: Erwin Heimbuck OR Ronda Doolen

Fountain Hills Unified:  Judy RutkowskiGilbert Unified: Jill Humphreys

Kyrene Unified: Michael Middleton and Margaret Pratt

Mesa Unified: Rhonda Levenda and Jenny Richardson

Paradise Valley Unified: Julie Bacon and Susan Matura

Peoria Unified (Vote only for one): Beverly Pingerelli

Pendergast Unified: Alan Gaugert

Scottsdale Unified:  Patty Beckman

Tempe Elementary:  James Lemmon
Tempe Union High School: Don Fletcher

Washington Elementary School: Bill Adams

Ballot Propositions:

Prop 125: YES
Prop 126: NO
Prop 127:  NO  – No On Prop 127
Prop 305: YES – Yes on Prop 305
Prop 306: YES – Yes on Prop 306

To read the Propositions, go here

CAP Voter Guide that will give you information on Judges
Additional information on Judges