FANTASTIC Event! Our annual Lincoln Lunch, celebrating our grassroots activists was held on June 8, 2019. Thank you to our wonderful speakers, Congressman Matt Gaetz, State Treasurer Kimberly Yee and Founder and President of Arizona Strategies Karrin Taylor Robson. They were each fantastic!

You can listen to Congressman Gaetz speech here

Congratulations to…

Loraine Pellegrino (LD18) – recipient of the Lincoln Lifetime Achievement Award

Lisa Gray (LD21) – recipient of the Reagan Leadership Award

Maricopa County Precinct Committeeman of the year presented to Brian Kaufman of LD24.

Legislative District Precinct Committeemen of the year presented to:

LD1 – Christine Genge
LD4 – Walt Steiner
LD12 – Leah Martineau
LD13 – Frank Jugo
LD15 – Jerry Licata
LD16 – Kay Reardon
LD17 – Greg Woods
LD18 – Olivier Mirza
LD19 – Chris Kallmes
LD20 – Howard & Sandy Jaeger
LD21 – Linda Busam
LD22 – Diane Hirsch
LD23 – Arthur Copper
LD24 – Brian Kaufman
LD25 – Gene Klund
LD26 – Raymond D. Speakman
LD27 – Sara Dunsford
LD28 – Daran Wastchak
LD29 – Alan Gaugert
LD30 – Timothy Schwartz

Congratulations to everyone! We so appreciate you!


Congressman Matt Gaetz

State Treasurer Kimberly Yee

Founder and President of Arizona Strategies Karrin Taylor Robson

Congratulations Loraine Pellegrino!
Recipient of the Lincoln Lifetime Achievement Award
Pictured with Congressman Gaetz and MCR Chairman Rae Chornenky.


Congratulations Lisa Gray!
Recipient of the Reagan Leadership Award
Pictured with Congressman Gaetz, MCR Chairman Rae Chornenky
and Secretary Colleen Lombard.

Legislative District PCs of the Year! Thanks for all you do!