2020 Voter Guide

2020 Republican Voter Guide for Maricopa County

Early ballots were mailed on Oct. 7.  If you don't receive your ballot by Monday, Oct. 15 please call the Maricopa County Recorders office at (602) 506- 1511

Please return your early ballot as soon as possible. The recommended latest date to mail is Oct. 27.  Ballots MUST arrive by Nov. 6 - Postmarks DO NOT COUNT! If you haven't mailed it prior to Oct. 27 you can drop it off at any polling location on Nov. 3.  To find your polling location, go here.  Polls are open 6:00am - 7:00pm

If you don't know what Congressional district (CD), Legislative district (LD) or School district you live in, you can find it here.

*Below names highlighted in RED notes a website link to their campaign website.

Republican Candidates

President:  Donald J. Trump
U.S. Senate: Martha McSally

If you don't know what Congressional district (CD) you live in, you can find it here.

CD-1: Tiffany Shedd
CD-2: Brandon Martin
CD-3: Daniel Wood
CD-4: Paul Gosar
CD-5: Andy Biggs
CD-6: David Schweikert
Joshua Barnett
CD-8: Debbie Lesko
CD-9: Dave Giles

Corporation Commission: VOTE FOR ALL THREE
Lea Marquez Peterson
Eric Sloan
Jim O’Connor

State Senate and Representatives:
If you don't know what Legislative district (LD) you live in, you can find it here.

Senate: Karen Fann
Representatives: Judy Burges and Quang Nguyen

Senate: Travis Angry
Joel John

Senate: Warren Petersen
Representatives: Travis Grantham and Jake Hoffman

Senate: Sine Kerr
Representatives: Tim Dunn and Joanne Osborne

Senate: Nancy Barto
Representatives: Steve Kaiser and Justin Wilmeth

Senate: Kelly Townsend
Representatives: John Fillmore and Jacqueline Parker

Senate:  J.D. Mesnard
Representatives: Liz Harris and Jeff Weninger

Senate: Suzanne Sharer
Representatives: Bob Robson and Don Hawker

Senate: Paul Boyer
Representatives: Shawnna Bolick and Anthony Kern

Senate: Rick Gray
Representatives: Kevin Payne and Beverly Pingerelli

Senate: David Livingston
Representatives: Ben Toma and Frank Carroll

Senate: Michelle Ugenti-Rita
Representatives:  John Kavanaugh and Joseph Chaplik

Senate: Ray Michaels
Representative:  Robyn Cushman and David Alger

Senate: Tyler Pace
Representatives: Rusty Bowers and Michelle Udall

Senate: Jae Chin
Representative: Bill Loughrige and Marcus Sifuentes

Senate: Garland Shreves
Representative: Tatiana Peña

Senate: Kate Brophy-McGee
Representatives: Ken Bowers and Jana Jackson

Senate: John Wilson
Representative: Billy Bragg and Helen FokszanskyJ-Conti

Senate: No GOP candidate
Representative: No GOP candidate

Maricopa County:
County Assessor - Eddie Cook
County Attorney - Allister Adel
County Recorder - Stephen Richer
County Sheriff - Jerry Sheridan
County Superintendent -  Steve Watson
County Treasurer -  John Allen

Maricopa County Supervisors -
If you don't know what count district you live in, you can find it here.
District 1 - Jack Sellers
District 2 - Steve Chucri
District 3 - Bill Gates
District 4 - Clint Hickman

Maricopa County Community College Board
Governing Board - At-large:  Shelli Boggs
Governing Board - District 1 - Laurin Hendrix

Local School Boards
If you don't know what school district you live in, you can find it here.

Chandler Unified:

Deer Valley Unified: 

Dysart Unified:
Recommended by LD21 - Vote for both
Chrystal Chaffin
Christine Pritchard

Fountain Hills Unified: 

Kyrene Unified (Vote for both)
Recommended by LD18
Ivan Alfaro

Margaret Wright

Mesa Unified:
Recommended by LD18
Lara Salmon Ellingson

Paradise Valley Unified: 

Peoria Unified (Vote only all three):
Recommended by LD20, 21 and 22 
Linda Busam
Rebecca Hill
Kirk Hobbs

Scottsdale Unified:
Recommended by LD23
Kathleen Angelos
Lucy DiGrazia

Tempe Elementary:

Tempe Union High School:
Recommended by LD18

Lori Bastian
Don Fletcher
Mike Myrick

Washington Elementary School:

Western Maricopa Education Center (WEST-MEC):
WEST-MEC #4 - Barbara Wyllie
WEST-MEC #5 - (WRITE IN) - Mike Hutchinson (recommended by LD21)

Ballot Propositions:

Prop 207: NO
Prop 208: NO

To read the Propositions, go here