2022 Mandatory Meeting

Precinct Committeemen Meeting Details

 2022 Official Call Notice

Notice letter accompanying contents

Dream City Church
13613 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ  85022

Credentials Opens at 7:30 AM, Closes at 9:00 AM

Meeting Begins at 9:00 AM


2022 MCRC Mandatory Meeting Minutes

2022 MCRC Mandatory Meeting Nominating Committee Report

2022 MCRC Mandatory Meeting Bylaws Committee Report

2022 MCRC Mandatory Meeting Resolutions Committee Report

2022 MCRC Mandatory Meeting Tellers Report

New Members-at-Large Elected:

Kevin Beamon
Joanie Colson
Brian Ference
Liz Harris
Joe Neglia

Bylaws Amendments:

#1:  Only one MCRC Officer elected from the same Legislative District      FAIL
#2:  Training provided by County Treasurer for new LD Treasurers      PASS
#3:  New Appointed position:   Director of Voter Registration      FAIL
#4:  Nominating Committee may only add nominees when insufficient nominees exist      FAIL
#5:  Change time to request name on ballot AFTER Nomination committee has met      FAIL
#6:  Elimination of “handing off” of credentials from one PC to another (Verbal Proxies)      FAIL
#7:  Only PCs may carry Proxies.  Each PC may carry no more than three (3) proxies.      PASS
#8:  Prioritize MCRC Business over speeches by guests and dignitaries at Annual Meeting      PASS
#9:  All MCRC Elections shall be conducted by Paper Ballot      PASS
#10:  Technical correction:  Eliminate reference to office that is not defined      PASS
#11:  Removing a PC’s voting rights if they publicly support any party, but the Republican Party      PASS


#1: Gratitude for Senate Audit of Maricopa County 2020 Election      PASS
#2: Re-Affirm Republicans are the true “Big Tent” Party      PASS
#3: Thank GOP House Members for voting against “Build Back Worse” Plan      PASS
#4: Opposing Property Taxes for those over 65      PASS
#5: Support for School Choice      PASS
#6: Support a strong republican form of government      PASS
#7: Opposing Consular Cards      PASS
#8: Holding Michelle Udall Responsible for her record      PASS
#9: Opposing Reparations for Law Breakers      PASS
#10: Call for Maricopa County PCs to work together to Elect Republicans in 2022      PASS


For some, this will be your first time attending a countywide meeting. So hopefully this will help answer questions that you may have.

• Hear from Chairman about the 2022 election cycle and what to expect.
• Hear from Elected Officials
• Elect five (5) MCRC Executive Board Members who will serve two-year terms
Candidate Biographies
• Amend Bylaws
• Review Resolutions
• Meet Candidates
• Spend time with Fellow Patriots

If you are carrying proxies you will have to check-in and have those proxies verified. Once this is completed, you will then be directed to your district check-in areas where you will sign in and be given credentials for yourself and for each of the proxies you are carrying. This process can be time-consuming, so please be sure that you arrive early enough to go through this process, you may want to plan on arriving 30-45 minutes early. Credentials open at 7:30am and will close at 9:00am and anyone not credentialed by 9:00am will not be permitted to vote. Also, please know that I.D. will be required when checking in.

The meeting hall will be laid out by Legislative District. Once you go through credentials, find where your district is sitting and sit with them. It can be crowded - another reason to arrive early!

There will be coffee and doughnuts available in the AM. If you think you will need additional food or drinks, you will need to bring them with you. Food Trucks will be available starting at 11:00 AM in the Parking lot closest to the entrance.

If you need special assistance or have a question about particular access, please contact info@maricopacountygop.org

There is ample parking, but the parking lot does get full. Be sure to plan accordingly since many will be arriving at the same time seeking parking spaces – another reason to arrive early!

Many candidates will have tables at the meeting. Arrive early and meet those you haven’t met and find out how you can help the candidates of your choice.