Member-at-Large Candidates

These are the candidates for Member-at-Large to be elected at the upcoming 2022 Mandatory Meeting.   There are Five (5) positions open for a two-year term beginning upon election on January 8, 2022, continuing until the next Mandatory Election in 2024.

The Nominating Committee met on December 11, 2021 and nominated the following individuals, who sent in their photographs and biographies for this presentation.  Each candidate has been vetted and is a Precinct Committeeman in their Legislative District, within Maricopa County.

To be elected to one of the five Member-at-Large positions, each candidate must receive a majority vote (more than half).

The candidates are presented in alphabetical order by last name.


Terry Babb

For the past 2-1/2 years it has been my pleasure to work with the Republican Party of Arizona as the Special Projects and Volunteer Coordinator. During my tenure with the RPAZ, I have met many Republicans on all levels of the party and I have come to recognize the urgent need for unity within our party not only here in Arizona but across the nation. As Member-at-Large, I’ll work to unite all factions of our organization to help assure Republican candidates electoral success at the polls in Maricopa County this coming November.

An area of specific concern to me is the steady loss of fundamental freedoms that we’ve witnessed over the recent years. Without religious, political and economic freedoms assured to all Americans our future is dismal. We’ve got to reclaim the freedoms that have been taken from us and stop corrupt elected officials from taking away more of these rights. Political movements start at the grassroots level so it is incumbent on us in Maricopa County to fight to preserve these freedoms.

I am currently an elected Precinct Committeeman in LD 15 and have served in that capacity for the past 1-1/2 years. My wife, Susan, and I moved to Scottsdale 18 years ago from the suburbs of Chicago.  My education was in Journalism. In business I held various managerial positions on the editorial and marketing staffs of specialized business publications in the commercial transportation, heavy construction and interior design/architecture industries. Over the years, I was elected to serve professional industry associations as President of the Chicago Chapter of the American Society of Business Press Editors and on the Board of Directors of the Interstate Truckers Association.

My work experience coupled with my Republican Party affiliation has prepared me for the role of Member-at-Large for the Maricopa County Republican Committee.


Kevin Beamon

Kevin Beamon, ChFC, is a Christ follower, lifetime Constitutional Conservative, and a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He has lived in Arizona for 54 of his 57 years. Kevin is married to Diane, has two sons and two daughters-in-law. Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon College and a Chartered Financial Consultants degree from the American College for Financial Planning. Kevin has been a Registered Representative, Insurance Agent, and Financial Planner for the past 28 years. Kevin is a “renaissance man”: He is an accomplished singer, plays multiple instruments, built his own custom Bass guitar, and built and now drives his 1965 Shelby Cobra.

After the travesty that is the 2020 Election, Kevin felt compelled to become more involved in local politics to prevent a repeat of the shameful election practices that helped create our divided society. He quickly observed first-hand how internal division can be just as detrimental as opposition from the opposing political party. Kevin is proud member of the grassroots movement to take back our great nation.

Kevin’s priorities as MAL grow out of our shared experiences over the past 24 months. Election transparency and integrity must be paramount to all of us. Our own actions must be above reproach before we can ask to lead others. Modernization of the communications systems used to motivate the Conservative voter base is a key priority. Kevin helped to build and refine the website and communications systems for his local LD as well as performed research for the new leadership. Finally, expanding the ACTIVE list of Precinct Committeemen is crucial. To this end, Kevin has successfully recruited four new PC’s into our “PC family” in just the past five months.

Kevin Beamon

Kevin Beamon


Joanie Colson

I am Christian Conservative who believes the Constitution is the law of our land. I recently became a precinct committeeman captain for the Wood Precinct in LD 20. I strongly believe the grassroots efforts of Patriots will make our country great again.

Last spring I worked on the Arizona Audit for nine weeks. I can truly say there were many problems with the November 3rd election. I am proud of the work Arizona is doing to make things right. Although there are many major concerns in our state and country right now, only with election integrity will we be able to correct the craziness and bring back our liberties.

As a lifelong educator, I have seen the good work being done in our schools everyday.  I have also seen the drastic change in curriculum that is negatively affecting our students.

Things that need to be addressed are the political influence of  the teacher’s unions, the overreach of the school boards and the removal of curriculum that contains CRT and SEL.

As with many people I have met over the last few months, I don’t like what happened on November 3rd. I knew I had to do something. Our rights and freedoms as Amercians are slowly being taken from us.  We will not allow that to happen. I join the many of you who are here to conserve our Constitution and protect our country.  I agree with President Reagan as he said freedom is only a generation from extinction. Together we can fight to keep that freedom.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself. I am Joanie Colson and I want to be your next member at large for the MCRC.


Brian Ference

Brian Ference is running for Maricopa County Member at Large. He is 39 years old, a native-born Arizonan and a life-long Republican. Brian is a Precinct Committeeman in LD15 who designed and launched their new website from the ground up after the entire board resigned and a new one was elected: He also created the LD30 site and the Scottsdale Unified School District Board Recall and Cave Creek Unified School District Board recall sites. Brian has been very active from the beginning in exposing school board member corruption which has now made national news. This includes creating and organizing telegram and other communication groups, fundraising, and personally putting up “Vote No” signs on the fiscally irresponsible CCUSD $11 Million bond. The CCUSD Bond was defeated successfully and their school board, nervous about the recall and the bond vote, voted down a mask mandate. The President of SUSD (who along with numerous other offenses also created a dossier of parents including private data) was replaced and is currently facing an investigation, legal action, and calls to resign read more here:

Brian has a Master of Business Administration Degree experience as a Technical Project Manager. He has run his own business in the past for 3 years. He is a pro-life Christian and a Constitutional Conservative. He believes strongly in smaller government and less taxes, securing our border and stopping illegal immigration, oppose anything socialist or communist, will fight for our freedoms, and strongly support everything in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Brian’s focus as MAL will be to help the LDs rebuild their communications and web/social sites after their boards are dissolved and reformed as part of redistricting. This will allow the LDs to focus on the 2022 election.

Please find out more at


Shia Grooman

Born and raised in Arizona, Shia Grooman has been an elected Precinct Committeewoman since 2018, but her involvement in the Conservative movement started long before that. Shia founded the pro-life club on her college campus freshman year and has since been involved with and worked for numerous grassroots organizations and campaigns on both the state and national level.

Working for the Republican Party of Arizona for nearly 3 years, Shia brings an in-depth understanding of intra-party politics. She has a rolodex of relationships in both Maricopa County and the state as a whole. She is familiar with what it takes to register new PCs, GOTV efforts, and most importantly - fundraise.

Shia currently serves as the National Committeewoman for the Arizona Young Republicans, a national federation dedicated to advancing pro-freedom policies. All of Shia’s grassroots involvement has been to further an America First agenda, and she's ready to bring that energy to serve Maricopa County.

If you have questions for Shia, she can be reached at


Liz Harris

Liz Harris is a constitutional conservative. She wishes to see Maricopa County Republicans unite like they never have done before for the benefit of the Republic and future generations. Her priority is to make sure that lessons learned from all past elections are brought forward as fact so that PCs are fully equipped to “Make Elections Great Again.”  There has been a wonderful paradigm shift.  Today’s PC wants to be fully engaged and not a PC-INO (PC In Name Only).

For over a year, Liz Harris and hundreds of concerned citizens led a canvassing effort throughout Arizona.  Serious issues were found with the November 2020 election and it is our job to make sure this does not happen again.  Properly trained PCs who are united and fully engaged is a huge part of the solution.

After spending the first part of her life in a predominantly liberal urban area, Liz knew there was a different way of living.  In her early adulthood, Liz had to break away from the political ideologies that were ingrained in her by the East Coast educational systems (K-12, undergraduate and graduate schools).  Relocating to Chandler, AZ in 1999 was one of the best decisions Liz had ever made.  She came here not knowing a single person except her new future employer who happened to be a Republican state legislator at the time.  Arizona was her new home and each day it became apparent to her that the reason Arizona was so great was thanks to Republican leadership and sound Republican policies.   Liz wishes to see Maricopa County and the Great State of Arizona to remain the state that the rest of the country envies.


Lawrence Hudson

Lawrence wants to do two things:

    1. 1. introduce all PCs to the county voter data (more current than the gopdatacenter)

2. help PCs become county election workers

Lawrence is captain of Waggoner precinct in LD18. He has worked this past year for Liz Harris, both canvassing and as a member of her data team. He is data liaison for LD18. He blogs at


Tristan Manos

Fellow MCRC Precinct Committeemen! I’m Tristan Manos, a bold, bright, and passionate Patriot driven by principles over personalities, politics, or quid pro quos. It’s a great privilege and honor to be running for a third consecutive term to serve and represent you as an MCRC Member-At-Large.

It’s really about you. Thank you for being a PC, standing strong, taking action, starting right in your own Precinct! A special shout-out to you first-timers! One may imagine you, like the rest of us, saw something missing in the Republican Party, and, ultimately, you realized what’s been missing is YOU! You’re that special something only you bring to the Party. Now, it’s time for us, We The PCs, to work together, for the sake of Saving America, Making America Great Again, and Keeping America Great, for past, present, and future generations.

I now realize all the more how important you are to the MCRC. I was the lone voice at MCRC Executive Board meetings calling for the MCRC to make an official public statement—for starters, merely a positive position statement—in the MCRC’s own name, about the 2020 Election and Election Audit. We’re “only” Ground Zero, after all. Zero statement? Now that the Proposed Resolution I authored is before you, calling attention to the 2020 Election and Election Audit, emphasizing the extreme importance of upholding Election Integrity, the opportunity is now yours to make a statement—a first—by voting for its adoption. Your Vote is Your Voice. Your Voice is the MCRC’s Voice.

I’m humbly and respectfully asking for your vote, making me one of your votes for MCRC Member-At-Large. A vote for me really is a vote for you. Thank you, God bless you, God bless America, and God Save America!

For more info, see my bio at the MCRC website, or email


Joe Neglia

Joe Neglia is a Constitutional Conservative who works to uphold the principles upon which our Republic was founded. An elected PC and SC since 2012, he serves in a variety of roles in the party, and is a Life Member of the NRA and the Arizona Citizens Defense League. His political activity began in 1980 when he stuffed envelopes for the Ronald Reagan campaign.

He is a professional parliamentarian and is president of the Arizona Alpha unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians.  He became a parliamentarian after observing the egregious manner in which the Establishment AZGOP leadership in 2016 shut down the censure of John McCain.  His mission now: use Robert's Rules of Order to assure that the voice of conservative Precinct Committeemen is never again shut down like that.

He authored the overwhelmingly popular 2021 MCRC resolution urging Jeff Flake to join the Democrat party, and led the effort to remove the intra-party voting rights of a proud "Republicans for Biden" precinct committeeman.  His resolution to "proceed with ... our Statutory Meeting without seeking permission of any government agency or official" allowed the MCRC to hold its 2021 meeting of over 600 PCs in defiance of Governor Ducey's 50-person meeting rule during the Covid plandemic.

Joe teaches Engineering Technology at Mesa Community College and is a registered Professional Engineer.  His experience includes consulting for the National Science foundation, Intel Corporation, Sperry Space Systems, and Honeywell Satellite Systems. Joe holds two U.S. Patents for his work on Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Arizona State University. A resident of Maricopa County since 1986, Joe lives in Tempe with his beautiful wife of 27 years and two lovely daughters.



Patty Porter

Latina Freedom Fighter

It’s time We the People take back the political power inherent in the People to restore our Republic.  I am Patty Porter and I am asking for your vote to represent the voice of the Grassroots/America First posse as a Member-at-Large (MAL) in the Maricopa County Republican Party.

I am a constitutional conservative that is fed up with the elected elites that bow to Federal government overreach; thereby, allowing the destruction of our Republic. I’m tired of all the talk and am taking action.


  • The Audit – use the power of the office (MAL) to move the needle on ACTION and UPDATES from AG and Legislators
  • Include the Grassroots organizations in the Maricopa County Republican website.
  • Ensure we have America First principles in future elections; i.e. smaller precincts size, paper ballots, legal oversight at polls and MTEC, physical inspection of electioneering equipment at setup, etc.
  • Advocate for equal conservative representation in voting locations, especially early voting
  • Address and correct the many weaknesses in the Elections manual prior to 2022 primaries
  • Accountability from Board of Supervisors & Recorder’s office on future elections and governance


  • Volunteered at the audit for all 3 phases
  • Founded a grassroots movement
  • Door-to-door canvassing on Liz Harris’ Election Integrity team
  • Demonstrated & spoke up at school board meetings against mandates
  • Held weekly demonstrations protesting the illegal aliens at our hotels
  • Request To Speak (RTS) legislative activism with AZ Free Enterprise Club
  • Organized medical freedom rallies at Luke AFB
  • Ongoing grassroots recruitment efforts
  • org - Pie Club Member
  • America Pack – Legislative Team


  • Weekly canvassing & Phone Banking (Aug-Nov)
  • Nov’20 Poll watcher/observer


AZ Medical Freedom Events     Keep Az Free



Charmaine Roth

I have lived in Arizona for 3 and 1/2 years. I was a teacher and guidance counselor at a large urban high school for 34 years. For many years, I was a swim coach, Student Activities Director, and School Council Advisor. I trained high school student council members from multiple high schools in leadership skills. For 34 years, I was a Weight Watcher leader and trainer.

Currently, I am a Precinct Committeeman in Rio Verde. I worked as a Marshal for the November 2020 election and volunteered as an election observer at MCTEC November 2021. I have been certified as a Deputy Register by Maricopa County and I was a volunteer counter at the Senate’s forensic audit of the 2020 federal election. I am also a member of the Palo Verde Republican Women’s Club and serve as its Americanism chair as well as having served on its Nomination Committee. I am also a member of the Arizona Federation of Women currently serve on its Nomination Committee. I am a member of Mater Misercordiae and St. Edward the Confessor parish.

I am a life-long conservative who is dedicated to upholding and defending the Constitution and the principles upon which our beloved Republic was founded. I believe in preserving our God-given individual rights, small government, law and order, and placing the interests of American citizens first. I love people, I love to teach, I am organized, I am enthusiastic, and I am not afraid of hard work. I believe my skills and my professional work experience have prepared me to accept and fulfill any duties that would be assigned to me as a MCRC Member-At-Large. If elected I will pour my energy and will work diligently to represent you.


Tony Silva

Antonio Silva is a Constitutional Conservative and registered Republican who is dedicated to upholding the Republic our Founding Fathers created. He was born and raised in the east valley and is a 4th generation native who loves his God and his Country. Antonio and his wife, Rebecca, have been married since 2009 and lives in the East Valley happily raising their 4 children in Gilbert. Antonio is grateful to actively participate in his home-town, encouraging others to help keep America great.

He is a strong believer in agency, freedom, and that everyone has the power to craft their own future. He also believes in the proper education of our children, who will inevitably lead this country, and it is up to our generation to point them in the right direction. As a child of God, Antonio strives to be like his heavenly brother, Jesus Christ, by serving those around him. It is his mission to use the talents our Heavenly Father has given him to actively help those who are in need. He is currently starting up a 501c(3) that will help bring technology and education to lower income areas starting in Arizona and eventually around the world.

Antonio’s experience ranges from the Telecommunications Industry to Global Energy Retail and he has an extreme passion for charity/volunteer work. His professional life has allowed him to grow and develop advanced people skills, learning how to communicate efficiently and reliably with others.

Antonio strongly believes in the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it provides. He also believes that in order for us to keep these God given rights, we, as individuals within this great nation, must be willing to stand up and fight for what is right.


Janell Soyster Buchholdt

Janell Soyster Buchholdt is a Constitutional Conservative and registered Republican her entire adult life. Janell moved to Maricopa County in 1961. She, also, was raised in Saudi Arabia & lived in Europe. Living in Saudi Arabia re-enforced her value & belief system that she is blessed to be an American. She prioritizes herself as an American Patriot 1st; and, a Woman 2nd .

After Janell graduated from ASU in Tempe, AZ, she worked in the wireless communication industry. As a Director in the corporate world, she built wireless networks for service providers nationally and globally. In the small business world, Janell was part of a successful team that took a private company public raising $50,000,000.00 in an IPO.

Janell was asked by a Colonel in the DOD to join the 1st female class of the United States Air Force Academy. Janell became the 1st female to join a volunteer organization called the St Lukeman’s Club in AZ, now known as the Hon Kachina Council. ABC 15 acknowledged the Hon Kachina recipients on air. Janell also sat on the Hon Kachina Board.

Currently, Janell sits on the Board of an AZ health & wellness company; and, is also an Executive in an AZ private business.

Politically, at the AZ Convention in Mesa, Janell was promoted to an AZ Delegate to complete the voting process. In July 2016, Janell attended the RNC in Cleveland, OH. Currently, Janell is a Precinct Committeeman Captain, a State Committeeman; and, sits on the MCR Executive Board, Member-At-Large.