New Digital PC Appointment Form

The MCRC has launched a new, digital Precinct Committeemen Appointment form in an attempt to make it as easy as possible to recruit as many PCs as possible. The paper form is still available, but the digital form using Docusign will allow for faster processing and vetting, better management to avoid human error or misplaced applications, and allow for quicker submission to and approval by the Maricopa Board of Supervisors.

Before signing up, it is important to understand the role, responsibilities, and time commitment. Much of this information can be found here or on

The form requires some information which can be found using the below links:

Once you have the above information, you are ready to:


More updates on multiple items are coming soon. Please take a moment to review our News section.

God bless Maricopa County and God bless America!

Craig Berland
MCRC Chairman

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Unanimous Resolution by MCRC EGC Calling for Forensic Investigation by State Legislature and Attorney General of Allegations During Arizona Senate Elections and House Municipal Oversight and Elections Joint Committee Hearings on February 23, 2023

The following resolution passed by a unanimous vote of the Maricopa EGC on Tuesday March, 7, 2023. See the full text below:

Resolution by Legislative District (LD) Chairmen and officers of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC), collectively EGC, in the State of Arizona, to Uphold First Amendment Rights and a call for Information Transparency at the Arizona State House and Senate Legislatures. 

  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, including the citizens of Arizona, expect to exercise our fundamental right of free speech via the First Amendment at Arizona State Legislature’s public hearings where all information pertaining to those hearings must be made available.  
  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, condemn any denouncements, and public or private disciplinary actions of Representatives of the State of Arizona by other State of Arizona Representatives because they disclose information that the public has a right to know and that could shed light on governmental corruption.
  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, expect our elected representatives to conduct public investigations made by elected officials of any allegations of governmental corruption. 
  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, understand that using political power to limit free speech of any kind sets a dangerous precedent which will likely be used against other citizens of Arizona.
  • THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, the EGC of Maricopa County, call for an immediate forensic investigation by the State Legislature using their plenary power pursuant to ARS 41-1151 with an oversight delegate picked by MCRC and the Attorney General’s office of allegations brought forth by the witness Jacqueline Breger during her testimony at the Arizona Senate Elections and House Municipal Oversight and Elections Joint Committee Hearings on February 23, 2023.

Maricopa EGC Votes for New Election for LD3

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, The Maricopa County EGC (LD Chairs and Board Members) voted 19 Yes and 7 No (2 Abstained) for LD3 to have a new election administered by the MCRC.

The approved motion stated that the:

“MCRC conduct a new election for LD3 administered by the MCRC including credentialing, tally, and all other functions at a date and location of MCRC’s choosing.”

MCRC EGC Censures LD3 Chair Candace Czarny Demands Resignation Over Bylaw Violations and Refusal to Cooperate With Audit and Canvas

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, The Maricopa County EGC formally censured LD3 Chair Candace Czarny and demanded her resignation over multiple Bylaw violations as well as her refusal to cooperate with an audit and canvas of the LD3 December 1, 2022 Election. The full text can be found below:

Whereas on Thursday February 9, 2023, the Maricopa County Chair delivered to Candace Czarny through the First Vice-Chair a letter stating that Ballots, Credentials, and Proxy documents from the Legislative District 3 December 1, 2022 election be turned over to the custody of the County to perform an audit and canvas. This request was refused and the documents have not been turned over.

Whereas on Thursday February 9, 2023, the Maricopa County First Vice-Chair and a Maricopa County Member-at-Large acting as the Maricopa County Chairman’s representatives were expelled from the LD3 meeting chamber on Candace Czarny’s sole authority.

Whereas the above two items violate The MCRC Bylaws ARTICLE II – MEMBERS, Section 4 – District Chairman #3 which states: “Cooperate with the MCRC Chairman” AND the LD3 Bylaws ARTICLE IV – ELECTED OFFICERS, Section 3. District Chairman #6 “Cooperating with the Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman…”.

Whereas on Thursday February 9, 2023 Candace violated the LD3 Bylaws which state in ARTICLE IV – ELECTED OFFICERS, Section 3. District Chairman #4 “Presiding at all meetings of the District & Board unless he/she designates another member of the Board to preside in his/her stead.” Candace instead designated an outside, non-member of LD3 to preside over the meeting in clear violation.

Whereas Candance Czarny has also violated LD3 Bylaws ARTICLE IV – ELECTED OFFICERS, Section 3. District Chairman:

8. Having usual powers of supervision and management customary to the Office of Chairman or as may be assigned by the Board and implementing policies for the efficient and responsible operation of the District, subject to approval by the Board.

9. In cooperation with the District Treasurer, preparing a budget for the calendar year and submit such budget to the Board for adoption, be an authorized signer on District checks, and have final approval on all District expenditures.

10. Furnishing a monthly-itemized statement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses required in the performance of duties as Chairman, as set forth in the annual budget. Any expense more than the amount budgeted shall be subject to the approval of the Board.

Whereas Candance Czarny has also violated MCRC Bylaws ARTICLE II – MEMBERS, Section 2 – PCs, E. Duties of PC #9
“Fostering loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its ideals.” On Thursday January 12, 2023 on her sole authority, Candace Czarny instated rule #6 “Since Reformed Living Bible Church is on school property, firearms are not permitted.” This rule is a direct violation of the 2nd Amendment and expressly against the Republican Platform and its ideals.

Whereas LD3 Bylaws ARTICLE VI – MEETINGS & QUORUM Section 8. states “Every meeting of the District shall begin with an invocation and a pledge of allegiance.” An unusual Agenda was created by Candace Czarny for the Thursday, February 9, 2023 meeting where the Program and Guest Speakers were placed after Credentialling and before the Call to Order. An attempt to skip the invocation and pledge of allegiance occurred; until the PCs insisted; with the body reciting the pledge of allegiance and finally compelling a presider to give an invocation.

Whereas Legislative District 3 voted on Thursday, February, 9, 2023 in a Vote of No Confidence in Candace Czarny and Demanding her Immediate Resignation passing by majority with 92 Yes and 51 No votes.

Whereas In the MCRC Bylaws ARTICLE I – OBJECT, Section 2 – Authority states “The EGC has the authority to rule on any question brought before it from a MCRC member concerning the interpretation of county or legislative district bylaws.”

Therefore, the Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Guidance Committee formally censures Candace Czarny and demands her immediate resignation as Legislative District 3 Chair.

A Call for Professionalism and a Zero Tolerance Policy for Physical Attacks

The following resolution was approved on January 3rd, 2023 by majority vote of the MCRC EGC:

WHEREAS we, the members of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)
Executive Guidance Committee (EGC), a private organization, affirm:
• We are committed to maintain decorum and a level of professionalism in all our
actions and interactions
• We encourage debate and believe all members should be treated with dignity and
respect, especially from elected officers
• We stand for fair and equal treatment under the law regardless of perceived power or
influence, prestige, or popularity; and,

WHEREAS we agree that physical attacks or violence of any kind directed toward other
members is an egregious offense which demonstrates a concerning lack of self-control, and,
without consequence could present a potential harm to other members and bring public
disgrace and embarrassment to the Republican Party; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the MCRC EGC will adopt a zero-tolerance policy or rule against
physical assault and will hold accountable any member who physically attacks another
member by:
1) Formally, in writing, demand a public apology from the offender(s) and a call for
reconciliation between all parties involved.
2) If the offender refuses to apologize and to reconcile, the MCRC EGC will insist the
MCRC Chair send a signed formal letter of request to the offender(s) to resign from
leadership roles; and,
3) Copy the Maricopa County Republican Committee on the letter.