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We are the

Maricopa County Republicans

Republicans believe in liberty, economic prosperity and preserving our conservative American values.

Maricopa County is the largest Republican county in the US, or it was until the controversial election of 2022 when the Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, oversaw her own election to become governor amid machine problems and massive voting problems that made world news. Every major race somehow went to democrats under Hobbs, and even with whistleblowers and election anomolies reported there never was an investigation into allegations of criminal neglect like chain of custody and signature verification problems.

Still we persevere. Kari Lake continues to fight in the courts for what many believe is her rightful place as Governor. Republican volunteers and legislators continue to raise awareness, report problems and demand investigations into election rigging. This is the unfortunate state of our elections. However, like Florida once was struggling with election problems they have moved past the ‘hanging chad’ and other issues to become a glowing example for election management. They have 3 times the population of Arizona yet they are able to complete their election tabulation and report their winners by midnight of election night.

We look to the future and continue to work toward a better Maricopa County election and a less corrupted court system.

For the next generation, we cannot give up!