The primary goals of the Maricopa County Republicans are to strengthen and unify the Party, increase the number of elected Republicans at all levels of government and to hold those elected officials accountable to the U.S. Constitution and publicly declared Republican Party Platform.

In addition to the Republican National Committee’s Platform, we also seek to encourage and provide direction to elected officials in Maricopa County as we discuss and determine local issues that affect their constituents. We are incredibly blessed to be one of the largest Republican Committees in this great nation and intend to leverage that position to accomplish goals for the party. I encourage each Precinct Committeeman to find one job, one committee position, or one way to assist their Legislative District Chairman, every month. Every hour each of us dedicates to this great cause, contributes to a bigger movement and multiplies our measured successes.

I know that as we work, we are saving this country from those who wish to destroy the legacy left behind by the blood of our forefathers. Please keep this in mind as we encounter different personalities within this great Party, as we all are here for the greater good. May God continue to bless Maricopa County, the Republican Party of Maricopa County, and you for your decisive action and dedication to the GOP.

Whether you’re a new Precinct Committeeman, experienced District Chair or simply a new voter, we are incredibly grateful for your commitment to defending and enhancing the cause of freedom and liberty.

Chairman Rae Chornenky