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Polling Place Observation

Poll observers are trained party volunteers who visit poll locations on election day and observe the voting processes.  When voting irregularities are identified, the poll observer alerts the polling place inspector of the noted violation of election law.  If the violation is not corrected in a reasonable amount of time, the poll observer then reports the infraction to his party contact to receive further instructions.  The party contacted then alerts the party attorneys, who work behind the scenes, to resolve the matter.  Many times the attorneys for the party must go to court to get an emergency court order to compel compliance. There are many polling locations all over Maricopa County.  No matter where you live there are polling locations within 15 minutes of your house.

Ensuring election integrity begins with the Republican poll observers.  Poll observers are the front line of defense against election irregularities and protecting our constitutional right to a fair and open election.

The future of our country hangs in the balance of this election.  President Trump and our Republican candidates are depending on us to ensure the election is free from fraud and suppression.

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Yes, election integrity matters!