2021 Statutory Meeting


Precinct Committeemen Meeting Details

View the MCRC Officer Election Results

View the MCRC Bylaws and Resolutions Election Results

View the 2021 Official Call Notice

The following are also included with the Official Call Notice:  meeting agenda, list of candidates, proposed rules, information on what to expect, proposed amendments to the MCRC Bylaws, proposed resolutions, and proxy form. Click here for an editable proxy form.


View the Remote Online Option Sign-up Form

If you are sick, not feeling well, have a fever, are taking care of family members with Coronavirus issues, or if you are in a high-risk group with co-morbidities, please use this option to participate in the meeting. The details and deadlines to sign-up for this option are included in the form.  Click here for an editable sign-up form. 


For those attending virtually, you can practice using the voting system that will be used at the meeting by going to https://demo.simplyvoting.com.

Dream City Church
21000 N 75th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308


The following candidates will appear on the initial ballot. Click on each candidate's name to view their short political biography.

MCRC Chairman

MCRC First Vice Chairman

MCRC Second Vice Chairman

MCRC Secretary

MCRC Treasurer