The following resolution passed by a unanimous vote of the Maricopa EGC on Tuesday March, 7, 2023. See the full text below:

Resolution by Legislative District (LD) Chairmen and officers of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC), collectively EGC, in the State of Arizona, to Uphold First Amendment Rights and a call for Information Transparency at the Arizona State House and Senate Legislatures. 

  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, including the citizens of Arizona, expect to exercise our fundamental right of free speech via the First Amendment at Arizona State Legislature’s public hearings where all information pertaining to those hearings must be made available.  
  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, condemn any denouncements, and public or private disciplinary actions of Representatives of the State of Arizona by other State of Arizona Representatives because they disclose information that the public has a right to know and that could shed light on governmental corruption.
  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, expect our elected representatives to conduct public investigations made by elected officials of any allegations of governmental corruption. 
  • WHEREAS we, the EGC of Maricopa County, understand that using political power to limit free speech of any kind sets a dangerous precedent which will likely be used against other citizens of Arizona.
  • THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, the EGC of Maricopa County, call for an immediate forensic investigation by the State Legislature using their plenary power pursuant to ARS 41-1151 with an oversight delegate picked by MCRC and the Attorney General’s office of allegations brought forth by the witness Jacqueline Breger during her testimony at the Arizona Senate Elections and House Municipal Oversight and Elections Joint Committee Hearings on February 23, 2023.