Welcome to the Maricopa County Republican Committee


Honoring Our Volunteers During National Volunteer Month

     Each year during the month of April, individuals and organizations across the United States celebrate National Volunteer Month to honor the immeasurable impact volunteers make in our communities and to encourage even more of our fellow Americans to begin investing their time and talent in volunteer efforts.

     For the Republicans of Maricopa County, it is especially important this week, April 29 through April 25, National Volunteer Week, that we give thanks to our incredible Republican volunteers for all they do to achieve our Republican Party mission.   Unlike Republican State Party organizations and most county GOP Party organizations around the nation, the Maricopa County Republican Committee is a completely all-volunteer entity.

     In fact, it is sobering to realize that our Maricopa County Republican Party's entire voter registration and Get Out the Vote efforts are all-volunteer driven; just as is carrying our conservative message of smaller government, free enterprise, preservation of our U. S. constitutional principles, and the sanctity of life.  It is only the personal commitment of dedicated Republicans...your personal commitment to invest your unique talent and to share your personal gifts in behalf of the Republican Party... that has strengthened and spread Republican principles and ideals.

Thank you, Maricopa County Republican volunteers, for Keeping Maricopa County GREAT!!!


 Maricopa County is Currently the Largest County in the Country to Vote Republican

Founded on February 14, 1871, Maricopa County
  • Is the fourth most populous county in the United States of the 3,069 counties in existence
  • For the second year in a row, is the fastest-growing county in the nation
  • Is more populous than 23 states
  • With more than 9,000 square miles, is larger than 7 states
  • Consists of 14 different cities, 10 towns, 5 ghost towns, and 15 communities
  • Contains 20 of Arizona's 30 Legislative Districts
  • Holds at least some portion of eight of Arizona's nine Congressional Districts
  • Home to the nation's 3rd largest County, or "District" Attorney's office and the 3rd largest county jail.