Victory 2020 Republican Sweep

Will require

100% Republican Voter Turn Out

In 2018, voter turnout in Maricopa County was only 64.50%

The U.S. Senate seat was lost in Maricopa County by 60,256 votes

Republicans lost four State House seats and one Congressional seat

Victory 2020 Republican Sweep

Will also require

0% Under Voted Ballots

Under voting occurs when a voter marks the ballot for some offices and leaves other offices blank

In 2018 in Maricopa County

19,000 voters did not vote for Governor

47,000 voters did not vote for Secretary of State

72,000 voters left the Superintendent of Public Instruction blank on their ballot

In 2016, 65,000 Maricopa County voters left Proposition 205 to legalize marijuana blank **this issue will be on the Nov ballot**

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