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The Resource Center is designed to be an information hub for voters, PCs, and grassroots activists.  Here you will find resources and tools that can help you connect with lawmakers, participate in the legislative process, and educate voters on key issues.

Precinct Committeemen -

Opt-In to receive call letters by email

Due to the recent passing of SB1191, Political parties can now send official call letters to precinct committeemen via email providing that members opt-in to receive them.  If you are a PC and would like your call letters emailed to you, please opt-in here:



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Maricopa County AEVL Removal Request 2022

If any of the following circumstances apply to you, please click the link below and register to vote as a Republican.

1) Recently moved to Arizona.

2) Changed residences within Arizona.

3) Updated your driver’s license.

4) Accidentally registered to vote with a political party other than Republican.

Otherwise, you might not be eligible to cast a ballot come election time.


Arizona Revised Statutes

ARS 16-821 County committee; precinct committeeman vacancy

ARS 16-822 Precinct committeemen; eligibility; vacancy; duties

ARS 16-823 Legislative district committee; organization; boundary change; reorganization

ARS 16-824 Meeting, organization, and officers of the county committee

ARS 16-828 Proxies

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