Executive Board

The Executive Board serves as the elected officers of the county Party.  These individuals work tirelessly to make sure that the local GOP is governed effectively and that the efforts of our grassroots precinct committeemen are optimized to ensure sweeping Republican victories at all levels of elected office.

We are blessed to have a group of professionals with such a diverse set of skill specialties.  Members of the Executive Board are elected by the precinct committeemen for two-year terms.


Mickie Niland




Nancy Ordowski




Jason Cvancara




Dan Grimm




David Ludwig





Tristan Manos

Born and raised ten miles from historic Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Tristan moved to sunny Phoenix in 2001. His interest in understanding how things work drove him to major in Industrial Design at The Ohio State University. He served as student chapter president of the Industrial Designer’s Society of America, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design.

A Precinct Committeeman (PC) since 2012, Tristan is grateful for the opportunity to serve and represent fellow PCs, fellow Republicans, and fellow Americans, taking a special interest in good government (responsible government), the rule of law, and election integrity. The spirit of the Declaration of Independence, the rightful understanding of the original meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and promoting the Republican Party Platform are all reflected in Tristan’s commitment to The American Way, America 1st, Americans 1st, and The American Dream for Americans 1st.

A strong believer in the power of faith in God, family unity, and personal liberty, he also believes in free people interacting freely in free markets. Tristan lives in Central Phoenix, where he runs his own business, serving as an Internet Presence Specialist.



Linda Busam

In 1999, Linda J Busam moved to the Valley from Illinois with Lee, her husband of 46 years, settling in Peoria. Linda and Lee have one adult son, Bill, who also relocated to the valley and is the proud father of beautiful 13 year old twin girls through marriage.

Linda became actively engaged in many causes with the onset of her retirement in 2016 and promptly found her niche as a Republican Precinct Committeewoman in 2017. She currently serves as Elected 2nd Vice Chair, State Committeeman, and Precinct Captain in Legislative District 21.

Within the past year, Linda was instrumental in increasing Appointed PC’s for her District by 43%, and procuring many other Appointed PC’s throughout Maricopa County. Under Linda’s leadership, LD21’s donations increased significantly with a desire to capture 2020 Republican victories up and down the ballot. Respectively, she was honored with the 2019 LD21 Precinct Committeeman of the Year Award and now sits on the MCR Executive Board, as Member-At-Large.

Linda is a proud member of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly,  Arrowhead & Mesa Republican Women’s Clubs, NRA & the CSPOA and also serves on the Peoria Police Citizens Academy Alumni and is the Founder of Arizona Faith, Family & Freedom, which delivers a resounding Conservative message through building relationships and Community Outreach.



Joe Neglia

Joe Neglia is a Constitutional Conservative and is dedicated to upholding and defending the principles upon which our country and our party were founded. An active Republican Precinct Committeeman and State Committeeman since 2012, he has served in a variety of roles in the party, and is a Life Member of the NRA and the Arizona Citizen’s Defense League. His political activity goes back to 1980 when he stuffed envelopes for the Ronald Reagan presidential campaign. He is also a registered parliamentarian and advocates for Robert’s Rules of Order at every available opportunity.

Joe teaches Engineering Technology at Mesa Community College and is a registered Professional Engineer. His experience includes consulting for the National Science foundation, Intel Corporation, Sperry Space Systems, and Honeywell Satellite Systems. Joe holds two U.S. Patents for his work on the Strategic Defense Initiative, a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Arizona State University. He has lived in Maricopa County since 1986, and currently lives in Tempe with his beautiful wife of 24 years and two lovely daughters.



Janell Soyster Buchholdt

Janell Soyster Buchholdt is a Constitutional Conservative and registered Republican her entire adult life. Janell moved to Maricopa County in 1961. She, also, was raised in Saudi Arabia & lived in Europe. Living in Saudi Arabia re-enforced her value & belief system that she is blessed to be an American. She prioritizes herself as an American Patriot 1st; and, a Woman 2nd .

After Janell graduated from ASU in Tempe, AZ, she worked in the wireless communication industry. As a Director in the corporate world, she built wireless networks for service providers nationally and globally. In the small business world, Janell was part of a successful team that took a private company public raising $50,000,000.00 in an IPO.

Janell was asked by a Colonel in the DOD to join the 1st female class of the United States Air Force Academy. Janell became the 1st female to join a volunteer organization called the St Lukeman’s Club in AZ, now known as the Hon Kachina Council. ABC 15 acknowledged the Hon Kachina recipients on air. Janell also sat on the Hon Kachina Board.

Currently, Janell sits on the Board of an AZ health & wellness company; and, is also an Executive in an AZ private business.

Politically, at the AZ Convention in Mesa, Janell was promoted to an AZ Delegate to complete the voting process. In July 2016, Janell attended the RNC in Cleveland, OH. Currently, Janell is a Precinct Committeeman Captain, a State Committeeman; and, sits on the MCR Executive Board, Member-At-Large.



Joseph (Joe) Junker, MBA

A Constitutional Conservative, Joe is a lifelong Republican and has been contributing to the Republican Party since the early 80’s.  A Precinct Captain and Trump Victory Neighborhood Team Leader (NTL) in Scottsdale, Joe is dedicated to recruiting, leading and supporting a team of Precinct Committeemen (PCs) and neighborhood volunteers. Professionally, Joe has worked in the Technology Sector since 1983, for both Fortune 100 Firms and Startups, progressing from technical positions into management & business development roles.  Today, Joe works with financial executives deploying Financial/Operational Reporting and Analytic Cloud solutions. Joe is also an Adjunct Professor at Grand Canyon University leading Online Masters-level courses in Leadership & Innovation. As a “data” guy, Joe has applied his technical roots and business background to introduce a number of relationship, technology, and data innovations to assist Precinct Committeemen, at a Precinct, District and at a State level, with an emphasis on relationships in the community and the Party. Joe attended Arizona schools and earned a Music Scholarship to Arizona State University (ASU), graduating w/ BS in Computer Information Systems, and later earning his MBA from ASU’s WP Carey School of Business in 2004. Joe is married to Yvonne Cahill (also active in GOP Leadership and Campaigns), has two grown daughters, each now with growing families.