MCRC Executive Guidance Committee Ruling: LD5 Chair Pronouncements Violated LD5 Bylaws

(This is an Update to a previous news bulletin HERE.)

At the December 5th, 2023 MCRC Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) meeting, the EGC adopted the ruling “as a matter of clarification,” according to MCRC Chairman Craig Berland, who presided over the meeting and, given his role as Chairman, abstained from voting on the matter.

As reported earlier, a group of MCRC Legislative District 5 Precinct Committeemen (LD5 PCs) claimed the LD5 Chair committed acts of maladministration in violation of the LD5 Bylaws when the LD5 Chair issued two pronouncements on the matter of an LD5 2nd Vice-Chairman (LD5 2VC) vacancy. The matter was brought forth under the authority of MCRC Bylaws Article I Section 2, which states:

“ARTICLE I – OBJECT: Section 2 – Authority: The EGC (MCRC Executive Guidance Committee) has the authority to rule on any question brought before it from a MCRC member (Maricopa County Republican Committee Precinct Committeeman, or MCRC PC) concerning the interpretation of county or legislative district bylaws.”

The two pronouncements issued by the LD5 Chair stated:

1) “Congratulations to Tracy Donley, as she will be LD5’s acting 2nd vice chair until our election in September. Please thank her for stepping up to assist us with all the challenges we face in leadership. Tracy has been an incredible PC, and I look forward to her contributions as an executive team member.” —LD5 Chair Gina Maloney (7/31/2023)

2) “The manner in which I sought help was not well received by a few of you. Here is a better way to communicate the added position to the LD5 E(xecutive) C(ommittee): With the board’s advice and consent, the Chair created a temporary non-voting officer position (LD5 bylaws, Article V Section 3) to perform the duties and responsibilities normally associated with the 2nd vice chair until the 2nd vice chair is elected.” —LD5 Chair Gina Maloney (8/15/2023)

The EGC ruling states:

“The MCRC EGC, as per its MCRC Bylaws Article I Section 2 authority, hereby rules that the LD5 Chair’s two pronouncements via email, attached herein, dated July 31st and August 15th, 2023, on the matter of appointing and creating positions represented to be related to the LD5 2nd Vice-Chair vacancy, are in violation of the LD5 Bylaws.”

Eventually, on September 20th, 2023, the LD5 Republican Committee elected a new LD5 2VC, along with a new LD5 1VC, now serving in those positions, respectively.

About the MCRC EGC: In addition to the 10 voting members of the MCRC Executive Board (MCRC Chairman, 1VC, 2VC, Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 Members-at-Large), the MCRC EGC is comprised of an additional 20 Legislative District Chairs (LD Chairs), making the MCRC EGC, overall, a body of 30 voting members.