A Call for Professionalism and a Zero Tolerance Policy for Physical Attacks

The following resolution was approved on January 3rd, 2023 by majority vote of the MCRC EGC:

WHEREAS we, the members of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)
Executive Guidance Committee (EGC), a private organization, affirm:
• We are committed to maintain decorum and a level of professionalism in all our
actions and interactions
• We encourage debate and believe all members should be treated with dignity and
respect, especially from elected officers
• We stand for fair and equal treatment under the law regardless of perceived power or
influence, prestige, or popularity; and,

WHEREAS we agree that physical attacks or violence of any kind directed toward other
members is an egregious offense which demonstrates a concerning lack of self-control, and,
without consequence could present a potential harm to other members and bring public
disgrace and embarrassment to the Republican Party; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the MCRC EGC will adopt a zero-tolerance policy or rule against
physical assault and will hold accountable any member who physically attacks another
member by:
1) Formally, in writing, demand a public apology from the offender(s) and a call for
reconciliation between all parties involved.
2) If the offender refuses to apologize and to reconcile, the MCRC EGC will insist the
MCRC Chair send a signed formal letter of request to the offender(s) to resign from
leadership roles; and,
3) Copy the Maricopa County Republican Committee on the letter.

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