Jim O’Connor issues Letter to County Supervisors

Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Jim O’Connor:

“Of all the difficult problems we deal with in government, [Election Integrity] is truly the most non-partisan.”

MCRC Chairman Craig Berland stands with O’Connor on eliminating electronic voting machines (and [unconditional] ‘vote-by-mail,’ while we’re at it):

“We must return to an election process where We the People trust the results, meaning We the People are directly involved. We used to know who won the election on Election Night, before our elections were essentially taken away from us,” warned Berland. “Our elections have been mostly turned over to ‘vote tabulation machines’ run on ‘proprietary software’ by outside contractors, like Dominion, Runbeck, and USPS, to purportedly ‘speed up’ and ‘expand’ the election process. It’s a radical and dangerous transformation,” he added. “We’ve gone from Election Day to ‘Election Month.’ It usually takes approximately 3 weeks to see who won. And who really won? Was it an election? A selection? Let’s get back to real elections by getting back to the basics of real Election Integrity.”

See O’Connor’s letter to all 15 Arizona Counties’ Boards of Supervisors HERE.

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